My prayer today is focused on Christian or formerly Christian hardcore/metal bands and band members. It hurts my heart to see time and time again these band dudes get sucked back into a wordly lifestyle because of their surroundings. Let’s lift them up in prayer today and as we listen to them throughout our week!! God, remind us that they need our prayers backing them up in their ministry daily, just as much as the missionaries, evangelists and pastors do.

God I pray for Your strength to rise up in these men to be able to resist wordly temptations. I pray for Your strength in their ministry to be able to continue to do what You have called them to do for the right reasons and with the right attitude behind it. God provide for them daily a fresh anointing of Your love and remind them that what they are doing has Purpose! You have blessed these guys with talents and abilities beyond comparison… God allow them to exemplify You through it all and not themselves. I know it’s gotta be tough for them, God… I just lift them all up to You right now!! Lord, I pray that You will fill them with a longing for You and that the desires of this world will fail in comparison to the glory of You in their hearts and minds. Lord, put the fire back in them!!! Remind them of the reasons they began… Renew their strength, renew their hope, renew their faith! I’m calling forth revival at every single one of their shows, I’m calling forth divine appointments at their shows, I’m calling forth Your presence during their sets to change the lives of the kids attending and even other band dudes that they’re touring with who may not believe… All in Your name, Jesus!! Let them be a Light in the darkness, let that be their hearts desire above all else!! God I pray for the bands and/or band members who have strayed away in their belief throughout the years, God I pray that they once again look to You. I thank You for Grace and Mercy and for the very fact that You will never say no to Your children when they come running back, I thank You for sending Your son to die on the cross so that they can freely run back to You knowing You’ll have open arms. Lord, thank You for the wonderful work that You have done in and through these guys and for all that You will continue to do. I thank You that they will continue in their ministry strengthened, anointed, hopeful, with a fresh perspective and full of faith in You, Lord. In Your precious name I call it forth, Amen!

Can I be there right now please…

Can I be there right now please…

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See the one in front of you. Slow down, love on them.

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New room in my new apartment!

New room in my new apartment!

All I know is that no matter what I’m feeling, God is working.

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The worst thing we could do is allow the culture of the Christian community to change who Jesus is instead of allowing the truth of who Jesus is change the culture of Christian community.

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Your focus reveals what you are valuing the most.

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